About Kaz Designs.Club and Be The Change with Youngevity

Karen Coleman (Kaz) in October 2013

My name is Karen Coleman (Kaz), and in 2013 I became an independent artist for South Hill Designs. I just loved the concept of showing your personality and sharing memories in a locket. For almost 2 years, I sold these lockets in my spare time, alongside my graphics and website design business, Kaz Design Works.

In January 2016, South Hill Designs merged with Mialisia VersaStyle™ jewellery, one of the many brands owned by the health, nutrition & lifestyle company, Youngevity®.

Youngevity® is a well-respected international company based in Utah and California, USA, that's been in business for 19 years, with 30 brands in 11 out of the 19 party-plan categories. Its products and services are sold through direct sales, network marketing, in small retail stores, commercially and online in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Russia, with planned global expansion to the UK, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, China and more.

Mialisia VersaStyle hooksMialisia's VersaStyle™ jewellery is a great fit with SHD's lockets, and I love the unique hooked necklaces and chains that allow you to customize your look, just like you can with South Hill. The chains can be uniquely combined (hooked) and worn in a variety of ways, as necklaces, bracelets, anklets, belts, lanyards, and hairbands, as well as boot, hat and purse decorations. Once you try them, you'll be hooked too!

I'm also happy to say, as a new distributor with Youngevity®, I am enjoying sampling their other product lines (I especially love the fair trade coffee—dark roast is my favourite—and their mineral makeup, which stays put all day and does not make my eyes water like my old makeup did).

Essential Oils Locket now available at wholesale - save $30%I love that I can now offer high quality health, nutrition and lifestyle products to my South Hill Designs customers along with lockets and charms, especially the essential oils which can be used in South Hill's very own essential oils lockets. And all the products can be purchased at 30% off retail by becoming a preferred customer or a Youngevity® distributor.

What is also awesome, through Snap2Finish, a state-of-art digital photo studio, and Heritage Makers, a digital scrapbooking studio, I can now offer family, friends, and colleagues, as well as my web design and graphic design clients a digital studio to create and print their own photo gifts and other print items (including photo books, story books & scrap books; canvas, metal & wood prints; home & office items, scrap book pages, greetings cards, bags, mugs & phone cases etc.) to thank customers, to decorate their own homes or offices, to use for display purposes or to preserve and share treasured memories with family and friends. And, what's more, for those who love to create traditional scrap books, they can purchase scrapbook supplies too!

From essential oils, hair care, spa & personal care products, to healthy chocolate, fair trade coffee, pre-made meals and health & wellness supplements and sports drinks, to make-up, jewellery, scrapbook supplies, and pet care products, there is something for everyone. See how you can get these products and the benefits of becoming a distributor.

What is really special about Youngevity® is that they love to give back. Through their Be The Change Foundation and various products purchased through my website, profits from some of their products, including the Fair Trade coffee, are given back to a variety of charities, including the Make a Wish Foundation. Their motto is YOUngevity Be the Change and thus, that is why the logo & slogan I created for KazDesigns.club is Be The Change with Youngevity®. You can find out more about their Be The Change foundation here.

As an independent artist with South Hill Designs, I helped people create their unique story in a locket. Now, as an independent distributor with Youngevity®, I hope to be able to help YOU be the change, and this is why I created KazDesigns.club.

If you'd like to know more, would like to purchase products or become a distributor, contact me by phone or email, browse the Youngevity website for 1000s of products, shop online for lockets, charms and other jewellery. You can even find a variety of home and business services, including small business loans, merchant processing, cloud storage, data and inernet protection and mobile phones, here.

See what makes Youngevity® so different here.