Benefits of Joining Youngevity

Why become a Preferred Customer (PC)?

As a preferred customer with Youngevity, you get to purchase from 30 brands and 19 product categories at up to 30% off retail prices.

Here are my top five reasons why it makes sense to become a preferred customer.

  1. It’s FREE to join
  2. Up to 30% off retail prices
  3. Access to 1000s of quality products
  4. Access to several home and business services
  5. FREE shipping on Auto ships over $50 US
  6. You can purchase Heritage Makers Club Membership and get up to 25% extra discount & premium graphics

Why become a Distributor?

As a distributor, you’ll not only be able to shop from your own store at wholesale, you’ll earn commissions on all your referrals, up to 30% commission on retail sales (personal sales as well as purchases through your retail website) and various other bonuses. Plus, as you enroll customers and distributors, you’ll earn residual income from purchases made by anyone they also enroll.

Here are my 9 reasons (in addition to #s 2-5 above) why becoming a distributor makes sense.

  1. It’s only $25 US to become a distributor
  2. Earn up to 30% on retail sales
  3. Earn commission and other bonuses on all personally enrolled customers for life*
  4. Earn Quick Start bonus on your newly enrolled customers and distributors (up to 30% commission on purchases up to 750 BV during the first 30 days)*
  5. Earn commission on all purchases made by personally enrolled distributors for life*
  6. Earn commissions on purchases made by PCs and distributors enrolled by your team*
  7. Earn Fast Start bonus ($100) on CEO kits purchased by personally enrolled distributors*
  8. Earn Coding Bonuses (up to $190) on CEO kits purchased by personally enrolled distributors or your team’s personally enrolled distributors.*
  9. Earn Car Bonuses and Incentive Trips*

There’s more but these are the top 10 reasons. Take a look at the comp plan. You’ll be amazed.

*See comp plan for qualifications.