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Do you like to share what you love with your friends & family?

Are you looking for a way to combine work and fun?

Then Youngevity might be what you're looking for.

piggy bankA publicly traded company, Youngevity has been in business for 20 years, providing products that help restore health and build vitality. It also offers a powerful business opportunity that can transform lives.

Youngevity has an  innovative business system that has already created many multi-million dollar earners. If you have the desire and drive, you can go as far  as you want, and make your dreams a reality.

marilou hennerAs a distributor with Youngevity, you not only get to share what you love, but you earn wholesale commission when someone you refer to your website makes a purchase plus you have the opportunity to earn retail profit when you sell products in your own store, at events, presentations, socials or one-on-ones. And if someone you refer also becomes a distributor, you make commissions on all their referrals too. The comp pan is amazing if you have the desire and drive to build your business.

Want to pursue your passion?

There are so many products to choose from. You can pick your ONE passion to share with friends and family, select a few of your favourite brands or swap where you and your family swap. Take a look here to see what I mean.

In addition to health and wellness products, Youngevity carries a wide range of other high quality every-day nutrition & lifestyle items, including fair trade coffee, healthy chocolate, mineral makeup, essential oils, spa products, hair care products & Mialisia VersaStyle jewellery (all products I've sampled myself and can strongly recommend) as well as club membership for Heritage Makers and MK Collab women's designer clothes & jewellery.

You can choose which products you want to sample or offer your customers. You can choose to sell in your family-owned store (as long as it's not a chain of more than 5), at vendor events, group socials (party-plan) online or off, or over coffee with your BFF or new connection (and even supply your own coffee).

Not only that, but Youngevity gives back to several charities through their Be The Change Foundation, so you know you are doing good in this world when you become a distributor with Youngevity.

See the benefits of joining Youngevity.