The Keto 90 Lifestyle

Keto 90 Lifestyle Booklet CoverA nutritional guide to support your weight loss goals

The Youngevity team just created this awesome 16-page booklet entitled The Keto 90 Lifestyle: A nutritional guide to support your weight loss goals.

The guide contains information about the Keto diet and philosophy as well as Keto meal plans, good food guide, and Keto 90 recipes.

You’ll also find all Youngevity’s products for the Keto lifestyle – including Slender FX Keto Caramel Weight Management Bars and Shake, FitShake Banana Cream, Slender FX REV, Be The Change Coffee, and the Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 – most of which I took during my weight loss journey and continue to take today (except for REV) along with other 90ForLife products to manage my weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle today.

Check it out here and if you would like to purchase products to help you manage your weight loss, visit my website here.



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